Monday, August 28, 2006

Human Professional - 28th August 2006

On the 26th of August I met Mr Ajai Chaudhary, Chairman and CEO of HCL Infosystems, for some official business. He must be around 60 but the amount of energy he brought into the room was amazing. The zest and passion for his business was contagious . He was bubbling with ideas. He told me "Rajeev look what we have done with your help...and handed over a few catalogues ". I saw them and was amazed that my idea of a refrigerator which runs on a car battery has been used for making a computer with a built in battery, for the rural market . In 2004 I remember when I was the MD of Electrolux India, I had launched Bijli - the battery operated refrigerator and he had called me to congratulate and seek an appointment. He came with his team, met up with us and took ideas to be put to good use for his organization. He was gracious even to acknowledge the small help. He made me feel very good.

He came with out a mobile phone. We had a good focused discussion and then while we were coming out handed over a folder which contained some printed and some collated history of HCL . Clearly it was prepared keeping in mind our organization.

I was wondering while coming out as to why is it that such meetings are a rarity these days? All what Mr Chaudhary did was the basics right. This was a smart businessman, a good professional and a good human being at play simultaneously. No doubt as to why he is a very accomplished and an extremely productive man. May his tribe grow in India Inc.


Mohak Gambhir said...

There are far too few blogs that invoke action and evoke reaction.

Would like to congratulate you on accomplishing this feat. This has been by far one of the better blogs that I came across.

I particularly chose to comment on this 'uncommented' entry because I have had some umpteen interactions with Mr. Ajai Chowdhry (AKC is how we refer to him)...

A great leader, visionary, he never fails to congratulate me and my team (I work for FCB-Ulka, and we are responsible for the 'talking numbers' corporate campaign for HCL).

I am much junior in comparison, but have had some one-on-one interactions with him and he has been very forthcoming to my suggestions, ideas and strategy.

Incidentally, I had blogged about this grassroot refrigerator innovation called 'Mitti Cool' recently and have had some huge numnber of visits with people looking for the innovation.

Read about Mitti Cool

Best wishes,


Rakesh said...

your blogs are extremely inspiring and there is always something to learn in each of your blogs.
one of the few people who show so much passion and commitment for India...Mr. Ajai Chowdhary.Recently we had an interaction with him at my B-school during a symposium.We invited him to speak on 'Domestic IT Market'.His presentations were so meticulous and extremely inspiring.The kind of potential that exist in domestic market and what all needs to be much warmth and energy..only CEOs possess