Sunday, August 20, 2006

Professional Philanthropy - 20th August 2006

Met Prof. Jagdish N. Sheth, of Goizueta Business School, Emory University today . Have to express my gratitude to him for some Guru Mantras he gave me, this Sunday. I asked him a few questions the answers to which I have been searching for quite some time.

The first question was " How does he balance his time and issues related to his profession, philanthropy, family and health ?" Pat came the reply. " I follow the policy of compartmentalization and do not carry mix the issues of various compartments". He agreed that its difficult but its possible.

My second question was " How does he prepare for his public engagements while being so busy teaching, researching, writing and travelling ?" The answer again was simple " I believe that perfection is not possible and as long as you set the bench mark high and you can deliver a satisfying experience to the audience its good enough." He also said that he follows the policy of not keeping any pending paper/issues on his work table and clears them at first attempt . This frees a lot of time.

My third question was " How does he decide which invitations to accept and which not to, as he may not be really knowing many people/institutions well and may end up being at the wrong place and wasting precious time?" He answered that "I follow a simple policy of only accepting invitations from people whom I believe to be of high integrity. Time spent for people who have high integrity and a social objective will never be a waste" He also said that he keeps a fixed amount of time for such engagements and fills when the diary gets filled he accepts no more.

I also invited him to address our annual IMT Alumni meet on October 14th which he gladly accepted.

Today, I express my gratitude to him for guiding me on some very important issues . His teachings will do a lot of good to me, my near and dear ones, people with whom I interact and my health.


Anonymous said...

We all go through our lives learning important lessons but only a few acknowledge this and practise what they learn. Rajeev, more power to you in your quest for knowledge.

Amit said...

I had spent 2 full days with Dr. Sheth in 1999 and it was truly inspiring. It was at good old SIBM and we had organized a Marketing conference, Dr Sheth came down from Atlanta and I was accompanying him during his 2 days in Delhi.

If I remember correctly, you were supposed to speak at that conference as well Rajeev but then your move from LG to XXXXX came up and you decided not to speak. Later we got to know it was Philips.

noshtradamus said...

hi rajeev,

sorry to spam you with comments, but i tried posting a comment on your milagrow blog, and i couldn't because it only accepts blogger or google accounts for posting (bad idea)!

so the following is what i wanted to comment on the milagrow blog -

"Hi, I discovered your blog today and find it quite useful.

One suggestion though - your font size appears too small and inconsistent across the posts.

it's a deterrent for easy reading, especially since i would imagine most of the msme head honchos you target, would be on the higher side of 40, and don't like to be challenged with something as basic as a font size.

you need not publish this comment, but i hope you will think about it."