Thursday, October 19, 2006

First Endear, Then Discipline or Make me walk that extra mile....

One of the earliest teachers’ I remember is Madam Lilamma Thomas and the memory is that of a very quick painful pinch on my ear lobe. That was her style of punishing some one who did not behave well. I remember her for 2 things i.e punishing me rightly, despite being her favorite student and punishing me in a ‘differentiated’ manner which till today I haven’t forgotten. That was my first punishment lesson and thereafter, I was aligned to her class objectives always. It also sent a message to the entire class that she is extremely objective in her approach and no favoritism will happen in her class.

Much has been said about punishment as a negative trait but sometimes one is left with no choice but use punishment as the route to bring the wayward in line. Of course it does not take away from the merits of positive strokes at all. We had Prof Sood in our College during graduation. At the age of around 50+ he used to take us for long Himalyan treks. During the treks he used to continuously encourage us to do that extra kilometer, mountain after mountain. His enthusiasm never diminished and he never let it vain in us. He made sure that he did not reward us for minor accomplishments lest we start overestimating us.

I remember both these teachers were extremely popular while being firm and despite being distant sometimes. I think it was because the endeared themselves to students while pushing them harder or punishing/disciplining them. Every student was willing to go that extra mile with them, for them.

I have lost track of you Dear Madam and Dear Sir, but haven't forgotten the lessons you taught me. I miss you still.


Bibin said...

Just to extend the concept to managers in the corporate environment, wondering which of the managers are actually preferred by the employee - the one who is popular but just gets by from a growth perspective or the one who is distant but is very focused on the objectives.

I have a suspicion, finally the employees who align to each of the managers will in some sense reflect the manager's work ethic and management style. Is it possible that you do not like the person but admire his/her management style?

Samarth said...

Nice blog...quite inspirating and motivating

Anonymous said...

I am sure both your teachers would be proud of the person you have become today.. And that the pinches truly paid off.. :)

Manish said...

hey rajeev...remembering the lessons of your teachers years later and expressing gratitude is such a beautiful thought!

Keep going!
In a different vein, it's also nice to know that you are managing the IMT alumni network so spiritedly!

I am batch of '97...cheers