Monday, October 02, 2006

Successful Crusader - 2nd October

Have been thinking of posting a fresh entry for quite sometime. Today someone left a comment that he visits my blog quite often and is disappointed with my infrequent entries, so I decided not to waste any time. I will try and be more regular from now on.

The other day a very good friend of mine, a living sports legend of India came home with his wife . He has achieved a great deal but yet is a simpleton and has a clear heart. We got talking about the state of the sports in India. He was quite disappointed with the 'politics' and said he is going to fight the elections for the state level board. Without asking him a thing further I told him that " don't fight at the grass roots to change system if your roots are not as deep. You will get beaten and bruised if your will does match the 'hunger to win' of the people who have nothing to lose and who are hardcore politicians and not accomplished sportsmen" He was taken aback by my response...I continued ..." You are a living legend and If you really want to change the system, take on the very 'top' which is responsible for the 'decay'. Let your ' unblemished sportsman' stature take on the might of a 'successful politician'. Why lose a small battle? Try to win the 'bigger war' and if you lose in that attempt, no harm. You will have all my support and those of thousands in this country". I myself do not know how these words came out of my mouth but am sure that they represented my true feelings and came from the innermost. My friend listened attentively and agreed with my opinion. His wife meaningfully looked at him , probably meaning that she had also been saying the same to him. I do not know to what extent he has committed himself but he told me that while the sportsmen themselves are not supporting him a few influential businessmen are openly supporting him. I am sure if he fights he will lose and even if he wins he will not be able to change the system because the people with whose support he will win have their own personal agendas. Why is he willing to take their support?

Anyway we had a good time and after he went, I wondered that there are times in our lives when all of us need to get mentored and need to consult , whatever we may have accomplished. Howsoever successful we are we must not let success make us reckless. If God has been kind on us we must in fact become more responsible and use the 'chance' intelligently and contribute to the family, group, society we are part of.


Rose said...

Its a great consolation to know that this legend truly wanted to make a difference and didnt want to get into politics just for power and other selfish motives.

Adesh Sidhu said...

It is nice to that successful people like that sportsman are determined to change to world for good. And I am sure your blog will also do the same becuase I came to know few things which if implemented can make me a better professional and human being. And this can be true for many other young professionals as well. Pls keep posting regularly. Thanks, Adesh Sidhu

Smiling Dolphin said...

you gave him excellent advice, rajeev. and it sent some messages home to me too. for application in another area. thank you, lynn

Ajay said...

It is all about trying to make a difference. Your friend thinks that he can. Besides what better way to change the system, than to be a part of it and introduce small changes that go unnoticed but have cascadung effects in the long run. Agreed, no one will call you successful, but then someone has to sow small seeds / ideologies which will evolve and thrive into radical actions.
Your friend has seen the ground realities and wants to make a difference. agreed he may not win, and even if he does it will be a long struggle.
But what matters is that all of us try and keep trying. My own father has been a part of the education system . a place riddled by politics, corruptin and dishonesty. Yet he tries to wage a war, sometimes discreet, sometimes upfront.Yet he tries. At times one feels helpless, one feels lost . . . but the essence is that one not give up.

As regards your conclusion, i question the basis of

""" become more responsible and use the 'chance' intelligently and contribute to the family, group, society we are part of."""

Do you think that we as a public have a sense of belonging left ?
And a wakeful conscious that influences our acts and deeds?
I see it as a very transitional emotion , this sense of belonging.

And so we continually fail to try to do good to our society and people. I have experienced this first hand. We have solutions, but do we have the will and the expertise to implement ?
I hope i am making some sense. If i have rambled on kinly ignore the comment :)
I must admit that this has been a thought provoking post and a good read.

Rajeev Karwal said...

Dear Ajay, I agree to most of what you say. In most ways I share the same concerns and thats why this post. My Friend, I believe is in a position to make a 'sure shot', faster and greater impact thats why I wish that he does that rather than choosing the slower and 'sure shot' failure route.Thanks for your thought provoking comments.

SENsation said...

your articles are sources of inspiration,information and knowledge. hope as young leaders of tomorrow we are able to learn from your experience and take the country forward to higher growth and prosperity. Suvankar.

SENsation said...

Your articles are a source of inspiration, information and knowldge. I hope as future leaders of tomoorow we are able to learn from your experience,take the country toa path of greater growth and prosperity and make IMT proud. Suvankar.

manigoel said...

Hi, I agree with Mr. Karwal's comment.. one should look forward the oppoutinities which are high in impact with lesser energy involvement and take the next sept forward..With this we might land up drilling down the motivation to down the line youth to challenge the system..else as Mr. RK said..the person should have strong roots may be like chanakaya..