Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dream with a Team

My earliest memory of a movie is that of Naya Daur. I was only about 4-5 years old and remember just 2 images ....one that of strolling around the Air Force Cinema Hall with my family and the second of a lot of men carrying a heavy steel structure while singing the song..Saathi Haath Badana, Saathi re (Extend your hand my friend, We need each others' help). I do not know why this scene stood out but I remember it every time I take up a new project. Yes, without team spirit or good teams a lone man will almost always fail.

During the early part of our professional journey most of us do not pay enough importance to the team and just play it alone for want of early successes and resultant recognition. The first thing which Aamir Khan did in Lagaan after accepting the challenge of a cricket match, with the British was not to learn the game alone but to start to build a team. The first players who comprised the team were people who believed in the vision and mission, ability did not matter much at that time. These very people however, also learnt the game well and played it with passion because they shared a common cause.

Aamir as the leader however realized that the team must be diverse, competent and comprise of individuals who have strong convictions. As the team grew he also brought in specialists like a spinner, pacer and a fast fielder. He took his team on a field trip to learn about the game and his competitor and was also open to accepting help from the British lady. All the while he kept preparing himself and led by example to win the game for his team. Without the team, there would be no Lagaan and and no win. Good leaders always team up to realize their dreams.

JRD Tata developed a strong team which converted not only the business vision into reality but also lived the values and ethics which JRD and Jamshetji propounded. Ratan Tata has done the same.

Its common place in organizations to see that many capable leaders fail sometimes while average managers deliver good successes ....the difference in almost all successes and failures is the team. Teams deliver and execute what most of the time the leader or manager himself is not capable of doing either because of ability, span or time at hand, but not many would admit. The earliest the leaders realize this the sooner they would let go, empower the right people or put the right people in the right jobs resulting in multiplying of forces and spectacular wins.


Adesh Sidhu said...

Sir,You are absolutely right. Only good teams can win battles. Both,Sachin and Lara are legends but they could not inspire their teams to become world beaters. Despite their individual brilliance,their teams struggle to beat the medicore teams. World of sports are full with such examples.
But at times,teams become shadow of their leaders. Apple was in dolldrums when Jobs was not around. With Steve back in driving seat, Apple is rocking again. Same goes for Virgin. No one can imagine Virgin without Richard Branson.
Leaders have to ensure that their team is built on the strengths and weaknesses of their team members. But this is not easy. I am also leading team 20 people but still struggling to know my team members well. But I know and understand the sooner, the better.
Adesh Sidhu

Dushyant said...

Hey Rajeev, I am totally impressed with the way you have expressed the subtle importance of team work. I got to know about you and your blog through Business World. Have already added you in my favorites list. Keep pouring such inspirational and important ideas.


Anonymous said...

I agree, only a gr8 team can do the wonders, what ever the example you take..But with team the leader should also be strong..who should never give up..and at even very worst circumstances always keep the team on high sprits..

pawan gulani said...

teams maketh the leader. but as someone down the line said.. its very important for the leader too to show them the vision and get them to align with it.

i havent worked this much so my views can be greeen but all i know is that having a good support system around you .. whether its a great team @ work or a loving family is extremely important in one's life