Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ego vs God's Voice

"It's tough knowing what God wants, and I work with a spiritual director to determine whether it's God's voice I'm hearing or my own ego doing a fantastic interpretation of God's voice."

—Bishop V. Gene Robinson

I read the above quote today and wanted to share with the world immediately. Most of the times many of us, in our own way lie/half lie to ourselves/families about issues, situations and people to justify our actions. We sometimes call it God's voice or value system or sometimes rationalization. Its equally relevant to the professional life but most of us want to separate professional from personal.

I believe that Inner Voice does not misguide...its just that our ears may hear the other voices louder or may choose to ignore the inner voice and then justify our actions through invented logic.

I have myself been guilty of the above many a times ....May God give me and you all the strength to hear the inner voice loudest.


Dillip Kumar Swin said...

Dear Sir,
Really inspiring Blog and a wonderful lesson for each one of us.To justify ,actions through invented logic our thinking and action process should be equal not parallel to each other.


Dushyant said...

I agree with you, Rajeev. We are always crowded with zillions of thoughts and we choose the one, which we find the most sutiable and this chosen one may not be from our inner voice. We always tend to ignore our inner voice and more we ignore it, lesser we hear it.
I think, the first step is realization. We have to realize that we have an inner voice and it is always distinguished from all other thoughts.

Sujeet Sinha said...

Man in modern days is responsible to everybody but to himself and in such a condition it is quite natural to take into consideration beforehand about the outcome of our actions and in such a case chances of being guided by inner voice becomes very low.
Once Vivekanand had said that when a man walks his belly comes first then comes his head.What an observation na!! Now this explains everything.
From spiritual point of view since our "I" has become so emphatic that we tend to feel that I am the doer and all the results are because of me.
So inner voice naturally has taken the back seat in our life.