Saturday, March 29, 2008

Children Make you Grow - It's not one way traffic

I met Saksham my elder son after two months at UPenn last week. I was there for about 30 working hours and hardly got to spend 10 hours with him. He was busy with his studies etc. I could see the emergence of a strong man and an independent human being in him who knows what he is doing and has his own ambitions. My heart longed to be with him more but every time I let him go. The heart and the mind apparently were speaking in a dichotomous language but yet I know that the objective was one because in his happiness lies mine.
I am not sure whether I understood the full meaning of the loving eyes of my mother and my father when I was Saksham’s age but I think I do now. Thank you Dad, Mum and Saksham for helping me grow.

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iamkachi said...

Dear Rajeev Bhai.

Well said. This is the real fact. It reminded me my sweet mom and father(late)

Kashif Manzoor
Daewoo Electronics.