Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Emotions in Business are good

Letting emotions in day to day business frees the ‘instinct glands’ from carrying ‘expired sentiments’, which may do more damage than the benefit they bring by being ‘unemotional’. In fact, I think that expressing emotions make you listen to your heart better and acquire better common sense. As George Bernard Shaw said ‘Common Sense is Instinct’. Expressing not only happy emotions but even ‘unhappy’ emotions makes you correct the mistakes you are making faster because the recipients of your expressed emotions do convey in some way through verbal, non-verbal or body language whether you are doing the right thing or how much right thing you may be doing. Regularly listening to your instincts makes you more observant and makes you internalize the experiences to such an extent that ‘intuition’ starts to happen. Intuitive living, I believe, is the best form of living whether in business or in personal life. Intuitive teams and families don’t happen by chance and when they happen, success comes to them pretty easily and remains with them for a long time. Thank you Emotions, make me listen more to my heart.

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