Thursday, March 27, 2008

Use Empty Spaces to Read, Reflect, Renew, Recharge, Resolve

This last one week I spent at Wharton, UPenn talking to young students and professionals on the ‘new consumers’ of India. In between the hectic schedule I was away from my busy business meetings - on flight as well as hotels. It gave me a lot of time for reading, reflecting, renewal, recharging and new resolutions.

When I had left Delhi I had a few things which were tugging at my heart. Since I have consciously made a huge effort to listen to my heart in the last couple of years I wasn’t able to sleep well for the previous few nights.

One issue was that which related to 2 colleagues who had been performing less for the business and after giving them sufficient time I had in fact put them on notice. On the way in the peace of empty spaces I realised that may be I had been unfair in my assessment a bit, may be they were in wrong jobs, may be they had forgotten their strength, may be they had personal problems. The moment I landed back I sorted it out.

My second issue was that of the ‘organising issues’ of a start up business. In a start up you are not only in the ‘revenue generating’ role but also in the ‘CEO’ role. The CEOs role gets compromised and people and business suffer even as you feel you are doing your best. I had time to reflect and resolve a lot of priorities and I am sure that the business will benefit with this time I spent with myself.

Thank you ‘Empty Spaces’

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