Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Persecution Delusion

Lack of compassion in corporate environments can cause Persecutory Delusions, also called Querulant delusions. The affected person wrongly believes that they are being targeted or threatened by the bosses, peers and organization in general.

Mostly both sides to blame but sometimes the affected person may be the cause.Who must help?


Anonymous said...

I believe that compassion should be shown from both the sides for the relationship to be in equilibrium. Usually the relationships between organization and individuals (read employers and employees) are based on exploitation. So more often than not the 'delusions' as mentioned by you are much more real than any hallucinating experience.
Egotistic and egoistic condescending compassion should make way for real heart felt compassion.
Why dont you try and practise it Mr Karwal ?

Rajeev Karwal said...

I have tried. Will try even more. My try was not good enough for you obviously.

TCGirivasan@Vasan, Puducherry said...


I presume you were in a comfort zone, may be in Electrolux and got a shock when the comfort was questioned and challenged. Your English is excellent and you should try to be candid when you express your opinions. Definitely not ananymous.

Thanks Mr.Ananymous. Wish you a better experience.