Monday, January 08, 2007

Believe in a cause? Just do it!

Today, I removed the counter which kept track of the number of visitors from my posts. Since August about 5000 people would have read my entries and some of them almost all. Someone told me that, in India if a book in English can achieve a sales of 5000 pcs in the first year its termed as a hit. I have been receiving good feedback on mail and in person. I am no longer under confident about my writing. I know now that I can write in way and on issues that appeal to 'a kind' of people. I need no further measurement and can say that this 'effort of heart' will continue without any further need of external stimulus. One old colleague of mine from my previous company had helped put up that counter for me after having removed it from own blog. We joked that a time will soon come when I too will remove the same. It happened exactly in a month.

'Efforts of heart' as I always understood can not /should not stop by lack of overt reciprocation. Most people, of course play their part in appreciating someone whose efforts are genuine. I will continue to share my learning.

If one believes in a 'cause' and its 'just' , one should just go ahead and 'do it'. Why wait?


Rose said...

~smiles~ :))))

Anonymous said...

this is a useless entry...ur showing off

Mridula said...

In spite of comment moderation, the second comment got through! I wonder if I had comment moderation on my blog I would have let it go?