Monday, January 08, 2007

God doesn't teach you civic sense?

While driving today I saw a Sadhu ( Priest or Hindi religious Guru) walking on the road divider in the middle of the road. What he did was amazing. When he was walking he found that there was a brick in his path. It was not obstructing him but yet he pushed it with his foot, with force on to the road. The driver in car ahead of me swerved as an instinctive reaction and just saved a major accident from happening. The Sadhu kept walking, unconcerned and no body had the guts to say anything to him. Probably for the fear of wreaking his wrath. When I stared at him he stared back at me angrily.

I carried his angry face in my mind for quiet some time. Although, I knew it earlier but I feel that even now in India we are so gullible and superstitious that we are afraid of even taking on the 'fake' Sadhus. So many get cheated every day of the year by these 'dhongis (pretenders) . I have always believed that God is kind to those who follow the right path and and work hard. Best form of Puja (Worship) is to do right and do good.


Dushyant said...

In my whole life I have never met a Sadhu whom I can't refer to as a pretender. Sadhuism has become more of a profession than a way to be close to Almighty. I have got a few chances to pilgrimage some of the very famous temples in India and invariably I have found them dirty. Sadhus in these temples play all kinds of tricks to loot the pilgrims but never they try to clean these sacred abodes of God and this really shows that how much patient and forgiving the Almighty is.

Rajeev, in my opinion, your earlier template was better with bright and vibrant colors.

Rose said...

Religion, according to me, is the biggest of all conspiracies.. Where people drown in blind faith, mythology and the illusion that ones beliefs are superior to the rest.. The saddest part is that in this process people forget to understand the true meaning of the good teachings the religion propogates and apply the same to one's lives..

I agree with Dushyant about the template.. This one is a little hard on the eyes.. :)))



Beg to differ with Dushyant & Rose here.I have lived years in Ujjain and have met practioners as well as pretenders(Believe me, there are people, you have to make efforts to locate them).
Having said that, the issue here is not Sadhu/Sadhuism.It is just the high population pressure of this country to reduce our mindset to this level. Visit a less densely populated area with good economic activity and you would possibly find the experiences much different.Nothing about Sadhuism or Sadhugiri here.The kicking of stone is merely a manifestaion of the race for survival being fought on the streets.Sad.

Anonymous said...

i think this is an even more useless entry

Ankit said...

Sir, I have been reading your blogs for quite some time now and I find these writing really enlightening. You with these short stories provide learnings that can really help a student like me in deciding many a times the best alternative possible.

Mridula said...

Sadhu and everyone lse, I think when it comes to public places we Indians have very little civic sense. It is another matter when it comes to our homes ...

Rohit Bhardwaj said...

Rajeev i beg to differ with this paticular post . It is not in consonance of your overall expression of gratitude to your teachers. secondly the post loosely connects kicking a stone on the road to civic sense to god and dhongigiri.

The mere fact that someone has renounced the material world and yet is sneaking back into it for survival doesnot qualify him to an dhongi epitaph by all and sundry.

Your blog is an inspirational tool for the world of aspiring young POISED INDIA keep it that way. lets not transgress into controversial domain. write another one where you post only focus on controversy.

Manish said...

I use to read your comments very often. In this article I have to say that if some one throw stone on the road is civic sense which yes anyone can do even sadhus, but the way the person stared at you as described I must say no sadhu will do because sadhuism do not teach us to stare anybody, so i fully agree with you that he was none other than a dhogi.

with regards
manish malik