Friday, January 26, 2007

The 'Silent' Colleagues

I am on my second planned sabbatical in my career of 23 years.

The first thing that you realize when you are on your own, is that you have to book your own tickets, your own table in the restaurant, pay for your petrol, your driver, your mobile bills , book your own hotel and outstation vehicles, reply to all your mail yourself, put all your PowerPoint's together by yourself etc etc. Though a few of friends who had gone through the same journey offered to help, I decided to experience it first hand. Initially I struggled and the realization went home that when you are in an organization, many of your colleagues take care of so many things for you without a whimper that you do not even notice them or if you do, you only criticize the shortcomings. Despite my best efforts the arrangements which I made for myself sometimes went out of gear due to 'factors beyond control'. I found these situations difficult to handle while earlier I just had to ring up the office, shout a few instructions and within a few minutes the situation came back under control.

My salute to all those 'silent' colleagues who worked behind the scenes to make my life comfortable during my employment with various organizations.


Rohit Bhardwaj said...

you are not only a leader but also an gentleman at heart. I salute you for having the courage to acknowledge the unsung heroes of your life. very few people are able to see things from th erecieving end, and if they do see , they ignore the prick of the conscious. You have really shown courage in acknowledging those moments.

Rose said...

I have sent a silent smile on ur behalf to one of those silent colleagues..