Sunday, January 28, 2007

We too must raise our voice

In the last 2 days, I have seen 2 movies. Guru and Parzania.

Guru left my Children confused! One could not believe that its the work of the same director who gave us Bombay and Yuva. Today we saw Parzania. Its a movie which is really powerful. I have resolved that I would never ever fail to raise my voice against any unethical power, especially that which divides our society and is unjust to our India. Its a must see for all those who care for our country.

Its a tribute to this Trioka of The President, The Prime Minister and The UPA President who are leading an administration which allowed us to see movies like Rang de Basanti and Parzania in the last 12 months. I just noted that they actually belong to 3 different religions. They also happen to be the most respected by other leaders and ordinary people of India. Long live Indian democracy.


Rohit Bhardwaj said...

I was also confused after watching the movie guru. The confusion was on the content of the movie. Is the hero a role model fo rour children ? Read more on my blog

Adesh Sidhu said...


I received 'n' number of SMSes on Christmas and New Year. I also received lot of messages on all religious days (like Gurpurabs etc). I am sure I will receive lot more on Valentine's Day.

However, I did not recieve any SMS on repiblic day. I sent SMS to few of my friends wishing them a happy republic day but that never ending chain of SMSes was missing. Is remembering friends on Republic Day, is ‘uncool’? I do not know but I felt bad and I could not do much about it.

One may think that the movies that are more meaningful like 'Prazania' and 'Black Friday' will bring some refreshing change in our society. Poor theatre occupancy of Prazania suggests that there are not many takers for such soul stirring movies.

So how to make such important days ‘cool’. Any suggestions?

Ridhesh Sharma said...

We too must raise our voice...

I could not have agreed more with you,but, I do wonder how would we do it.

For me, Rang de Basanti and Parzania clearly outline the importance of raising our voices.They also point out the maladies existing within the country. What troubles me though is we forget the message of these movies and instead just priase them as ground-breaking rendition of art. For me, both the movies drove in the point that accountability is missing within the country. Anyone can get away with anything, and the people who suffer are those of the Middle class( as said aptly by the character of Sarika in parzania).

Hence,I, a young Indian, am confused as to how do we exactly make our voice heard??

Bland Spice said...

it's indeed a sad fact that we now have to rely on the good humor of political biggies to see stuff like parzania.

what was the confusions regarding guru?

Anonymous said...

i cant understand what sonia gandhi had a connection with letting us watch these movies.. NDA tried dividing society in the name of religion UPA is doing tis best to fabricated Indian society in the name of Caste(with some mindless logic)