Monday, January 01, 2007

A Full Life

Last year, I had written a small message on the new year eve. Today, someone called and said that I must put it on the blog. It was meant for only a few people I knew and who I believed epitomized what I tried to convey. I am sure there is a huge sea of humanity who believe in the same values and ethics and will find the poem mirroring them.

A Full Life

End to 05 draws near,
06's gonna be an year to cheer

You're your life's master,
...wanna reach your destiny faster..!

Nothin is/was accomplished without valour,
The world knows you are a missionary 'sailor'

Adversities in life, all have to face,
yet a few(like you) are able to withstand them with dignity and grace.

Easy it comes to you to have compassion for all
You're there for everyone...'big' or 'small'...

The good you do has no measure
Never lose it ...its a precious treasure

Yours is a life complete in every aspect
Reason enough to have every one's respect

Years will start and years will end,
For the life you lead..God will be there with you, at every bend.

Yes, 06's gonna be an incredible year,
All of us will have good reasons to cheer

Rajeev Karwal
Dec 29th, 2005


Ajit Chouhan said...

Hi Rajeev,

My first visit to your blog,and I'm happy to see you sharing your experience with others.

Happy New year !!!

Rajesh said...

And an incredible year it was...

Have fun!