Monday, January 01, 2007

It all begins with I

2006 came and went and we kept busy. Time passes quickly. All of us care about India and all of us care about many to whom we do not reach out. Its time to make amends. It all begins with I.

India begins with 'I'

A lot still ails our society,
This I heard all through the year,
Many had heated debates,
Many shed a quiet tear.

Some sent mails about poverty all around,
Some told tales about illiteracy with which millions are bound

There was talk of unfortunate religious violence,
There was anger on 'scions' who 'killed without license'.

Media took on the corrupt political tribe,
A few expressed concern at our sliding on the international index of bribe.

As we step into 2007, one hopes,
These 'expressed' concerns are not just hypocrisy or hype,
The time is ripe for us to take a quantum leap,
To overcome most of this sad malaise.

Who else to make the beginning with a clean 'swipe'
I know friend, me and you are of that 'type'.


Dr S V S R Krishna said...

Excellent, very motivational.
Reading the words at the fag end of my day's work really inspired me
Dr Krishna

Amitabh said...

Wonderful thought and patriotic. Reminds me of RDB.