Saturday, February 17, 2007

The might of keyboard, pen and the tongue

Today, I came to know that I have joined Subhiksha from the Financial Express. In December Hindi Hindustan informed me about my joining Walmart . In January a Reliance (my last employer) colleague of mine congratulated me on joining Samsung mobile division, having heard from the mouth of a 'very senior horse' at that company. Early last year a young journalist wrote in the ET that I am joining Panasonic, despite my categorical denial (later he had to publish a denial) . These stories have nothing to do with any sort of reality, no one has ever approached me from these companies nor have I ever approached them. The FE and the HH journalists did not even bother to pick up the phone and speak to me. These have caused me some serious inconvenience. Such mistakes committed can only be corrected to an extent.

I do not remember any recent incidents about such mistakes committed by me but I remember a few old ones where I have committed the same folly and put others to similar difficulty. I thank my young colleagues for reminding how all of us need to be more responsible when we are talking and writing about others.


naresh ajwani said...

If we are not open to criticism, we are too small to be talked about...You are a success & people want to know about you...these journalist want to write about it-gud/bad/wrong/right...people want it.

kuch to laug kahenge..laugon ka kaa hein kehna...

Subodh said...

Quite Right Rajeev,

They write about you because you are in a position to be written about. People want to read about you.

In fact, you are one of the pillars of the Retail revolution in India.. For it to happen and overcome all the resistance, Raj, Harsh, Randy and you need to do your best..

Mebbe 20-25 years down the lane I will be able to emulate you. Just the dreams of a 20 something..

PS - Your profile says former President, Reliance Retail. If you are not at Subiksha where are you?

Rajeev Karwal said...

Thanks Subodh. I shall announce my next steps soon. But can inform you now itself that I am not open to working for anyone now.

blood-shot said...

gud luck for what you are doing ...
I hope it is something original

Rose said...


Sir.. People could kill for 'a' job like yours.. And you have FOUR of them!!!!! You should be proud !!!!