Saturday, March 10, 2007

Track record or Track trajectory?

"To understand the heart and mind of a person, look not at what he has already achieved but at what he aspires to."

—Kahlil Gibran

What do you think? I always focused consciously on the track record when I looked at people...may be I was wrong. I would from now on consciously focus on the aspirations. Many thanks Gibran.


MS Vivek Chaitanya said...

I have great aspirations but dont know how to achieve them!!!

Any sugegstions are most welcome.

Rajeev Karwal said...

Dear Vivek, What are those aspirations? Do you really aspire or just wish that you had that position etc? What have you done so far to know how to achieve them? Know yourself first. Develop real belief in whether what you aspire for is what you truly want out of would automatically start to meet success...Am I making sense?

Maninder said...

Dear Rajeev,

Have been reading your blog for a while now, and first things first - just feels good to know you as a person you are. I personally used to think you to be an arrogant, cold hearted ogre. Sorry.

Now, to this specific post. While I think you're right on the money when you say one ought to focus on the 'trajectory', I don't think you or anyone would be doing any wrong by looking at the 'record' too.

If not for anything else, then at least to let you corroborate the 'trajectory' dreams with the 'record' execution abilities, which are if nothing more, critical.

Please keep writing - it's inspirational to read all this.

MS Vivek Chaitanya said...

Dear Sir

I graduated in IT from Gandhi Insitute of Technology and Management,Visakhapatnam. Now I am a Software Engineer at Infosys.

I always have great aspirations but still am losing my focus and momentum at some or other point of time even to achieve my simple goals.

I follow, admire and get fascinated by great corporations and the leaders and executives behind them, whether they are Indian or Western irrespective of industry, hoping that sometime down the lane I too will become one among them.I read books, blogs written by/about them.But just I read..thats it.. like I read your blog.

As you said-'Know yourself first'..This is the real difficult question I face.But still have confidence and hope that I will know myself one day.

Thanks for your reply.I am privileged to get that from a high-profile executive like you.You made a lot of sense.

Please have a quick look at my blog to know more about me and please give me some advice.Your help would be appreciated.


Subodh said...

Well Said Rajeev,

Most of the companies or Managers (to be more precise) hire on the demonstrated potential rather than Aspirational Potential (How high a person can aspire?).

This is true even for exclusive firms like Mck o BCG inspite of what they preach. They look for all sort of tags and Academic record (Worst sort of demonstrated potential I feel).

Demonstrated Potential does make a difference but Aspirations are of paramount importance.

However it goes without saying that people most of the times confuse dreams with aspirations. Dreams are just unconscious thoughts (they lso help as every aspiration has its root in some dream). Aspiration however are a careful mix of Actions and Conscious thoughts. And that is what an interviewer should try to gauge in a potential candidate. It takes effort and gr8 communication skills on the part of interviewee to do that.

Subodh said...

@ Vivek,

Ur post symbolizes that of a dreamer (vague questions and no specific plan of action). It is somewhat rude to expect a top executive to go through your blog. Now he might go through it but wouldn't that be flattering.

Do not take my remarks to heart. They were just casual thoughts of a sensible kid (I am all but 22).

Ashish said...

Hi Rajeev,
When you wrote that you felt a decade younger, I could well relate to that feeling. The difference is that you have experienced it, I aspire to have it.

Let me come to the point. Can I join you in your new venture? B'cos the corporate career doesn't excite me anymore. I have total experience of 16 years in Industry....Supply Chain Management. I feel that it is one of the areas that can add value to SMEs.

Can share more details with you, if I get your mail id or contact.

Manish said...

Dear Sir

It is really very much needed step by the SMEs having big vision but without professional mentoring and know how to achieve the maximum with the limited knowledge and sources. All of those are thankful for this and wish you all the best in all true spirits.

manoj said...

Hello sir,
The thought expressed by Khalil Jibran is very nice but the issue is How can we measure potential/Aspiration? Past performance is an indicator of the effort, the guy has put to achieve his target. But how can we "Measure" the future potenial?
Is their any way to find out the hidden Aspiration of a candidate?


Praveer Shukla said...

What an inspiration to have access to a small slice of one of contemporay India's most successful marketing men. Thanks for the view, Rajiv.

praneeth said...

Very much true..but its imp to judge How true that aspirations are..are they expressed to clear a HR interview..