Sunday, April 22, 2007

Good Wishes Come Back

This birthday, I received the highest number of birthday wishes. I don’t know why. Is it because my birthday is mentioned on some social networking sites or is it by chance? Truly, I don’t know but I would like to believe that it was because from the last 2 years I have cultivated this habit of wishing birthdays to all those who filled my birthday calendar. I was inspired by my Dad’s meticulous SMSs and calls to every near and dear one, on every important date. I frankly am not that meticulous but the technology tool is handy. It sends me a reminder and I send the wishes. I don’t care whether the person is senior to me or junior. I don’t care whether I have met them once or more. I definitely send it to those who filled my calendar. This time when I read every message, I felt good. It takes a few seconds to wish some one and make their day.
Thank you Dad for showing me the way.

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