Monday, April 23, 2007

How to bring up boys?

We just saw Provoked. Its a movie which every family must see. The last message through the main protagonist - "If every mother brings up her boys in manner that they learn to respect women, the world would never see a woman battered or abused".

Why only mothers? Its the duty of the father as well to bring up his sons in a sensitive manner. Its the duty of the extended family and also the schooling system. Its there that the children spend much of their 'most impressionable' years. Anyways...its a great film where no frame is wasted.


Abhinav said...

Hi Rajeev ,
U r right i agree with u on this the environment provided by parents in the first 20years of a child s life shapes up the behaviour and the thoughts wchich is a deciding factor of the child life be it professional or personal.


Vikram said...

Hi Rajeev:

Recently discovered your blog. Its great with some very thought provoking ideas. I will keep coming back for your advice.

You Know me!!

Vikram Malhotra
Columbus, Ohio, USA

Sona said...

Hi Sir,
Just discovered your blog.
Some thought provoking issues you have discussed.....which makes one ponder.
Dono if you recall me. Need some advice would email you.
Sona D/o SK Sareen, Bathinda,Punjab

sunaina bhakhri said...

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