Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Guru, Parent, Boss !

When we work with young professionals, just out of college/mba , some of them start to look up to the bosses for almost everything. They consider the bosses perfect. Bosses too start to provide easy solutions and start to live in a fantasy world. This causes a slowing down of the learning process for both the young professionals as well as the bosses.

Far from being perfect the bosses today need to constantly upgrade themselves to prevent obsolescence. They must push their subordinates and young colleagues hard to find better solutions than they themselves can offer and then compete with them to make them discover the 'best' solution for the organization.

A boss is not a parent and must not start to behave like a 'Guru' if he/she wants his organization to improve continuously. A boss is a colleague who happens to be in a chair which has to facilitate and help set the agenda rather than dictate every action.

Of course in start ups and turnarounds the leadership style may vary a little but broadly the bosses must realize that their strength lies in creating colleagues who are 'good at thinking' and 'great at implementation'.

I too remind myself of the above constantly and keep learning. I pay my gratitude to my young colleagues over the last 2 and a half decades.

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