Friday, May 04, 2007

Kick ASS - Achieve Sustainable Success

"Job Ok Please is a nice name for a youth job site ( I wrote this piece on the request of the founder Rashmi Bansal, last night. Youth actually is something in which you see yourself. What you are, were, will be or could not be. Last year I met about 5000 young students from all across the country. I was motivated by the President of India, Dr Kalam. In 2004 he met over a lac students. Meeting the youth of today gives me a lot of hope for our country as well as the world. Indian youth today does not have any scars of of our history. They play on the front foot with a lot of positivism. I term them 'traditionally irreverent' . I believe in the power of youth and can say with confidence that a well directed fresh talent can deliver much more than any 40+ like me. Today in the morning I was talking to someone in my office. He asked me what is life all about and how do you measure success? I told him that Life is something which has 4 limbs. Family, Health, Profession and Society. (In a previous post I had talked about 3 legs, but I have also learned since, that 3 alone can not sustain)

Our life stands on 2 legs and 2 hands- The legs are family and health. No body can be a sustainable success without the strength of the family and health. But most of us ignore them during our so called 'earning years'. Profession and Society are the other 2 limbs which help us get profitable and ethical growth in our lives. You really can not just be a money making machine without caring for your family, the society or your health. Someone who balances the power of all four is the only one who can grow sustainably and profitably. That is my short message to the youth....this is their century.


Vineet Tandon said...

Very true... but in the mad race for performance and staying ahead..not many people actually are able to balance the four legs.


AjiNIMC said...

In the world of personalization I never tend to define life in general. No one teach anyone about life but anyone can learn from anyone about life. In short think about yourself and you will know what you want and what life means for you :).

When I meet people I tell them about myself. They can learn from me but I can never teach them about life.