Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Moral Energy at Sixty

I was in Chennai recently and met 2 fabulous gentlemen.

PS Pai, 65, Ex Chairman of Murugappa group and Vice Chairman of Wipro. We talked and talked for more than 2 hours, in the evening. He was as fresh and full of energy as he must have been at the start of the day. He was aware, well read and willing to learn and contribute to the society. Ethics, Honesty and Integrity written all over his face. Looking at him I was reminded of the latest 'ageing' Rocky Bilboa film. He was gracious enough to accept and be part of the Milagrow experiment of partnering the SMEs in the country. Just one condition.."I am willing to anything but for people with high integrity."

Ramachandra Galla 65, Father of a good friend of mine Jay Galla. The founder of the Amararaja Group. His eyes are sparkling with energy. He is helping his village. Built a 1000 crore Rs empire in 20 years, from scratch. Has great ideas to help the world at large. "I want to grow with my village and I want everyone to share the fruits of hard work". Even after a four hour , marathon meeting he was as agile as ever.

What makes them sparkle and shine ? What makes them glow even at this age? Is it the moral authority of having done things the right way, with complete honesty and integrity or is it the sense of fulfillment that they get by helping the society? I think the answer is yes to both.

I am reminded of the slogan we have coined at YI, CII for the Integrity India Campaign this year "Growth with Dignity, India's Integrity". More about it later.

I learnt a lot in that one day. My resolve is stronger than before. Thank you Mr Pai and Thank you Mr Galla. I am proud to have met you and need your blessings to be as energetic as you at your age.

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