Monday, July 02, 2007

'Power Point' Managers

Some quotes which I have myself created over the last few years....idea is to 'get down to doing it' , be result oriented....there's no time to waste. Answers lie in the field. Those who 'do' will also find a way to correct, if they make mistakes. Arm chair managers are the biggest enemy of 'sustainable' success.

  1. We have a lot of 'Power Point' managers these days who more often than not fail to make 'real' power points.
  2. Excel sheet managers excel in creating lot of shit.
  3. Outstanding managers 'stand out'. Managers of outstanding are sooner or later made to stand 'out'.
  4. Most emails which we get these days are neither male nor female.
  5. If you use only 'jargon' then you won't even realize when your jar is gone.

On two 'future' businesses

  1. E business is 'thE business.
  2. If some one doesn't know that retail is detail then soon very soon he will have 'the tail' between their legs.


Pankaj said...

Some how we are possessed with the Data and Presentations and tend to over emphasise the importance of verbal communication and presentation skills of managers. We tend to collect hell lot of data 80% of which we never analyse and out of remaining significant proportion is never utilised. i have seen companies obsessed with meetings and presentations spending innumerable man hours in process and not implementing single outcome in practise.

Rajesh said...

Nice, you mean like vice presidents are presidents of 'vices':).

It's a neat list.



Anonymous said...

Graphics expert Edward Tufte once said “PowerPoint played a role in the Columbia shuttle disaster, as some vital technical news was buried in an otherwise upbeat slide”
Managers tend to to give more importance to design of PowerPoint slide and not to contents.

But PowerPoint has certainly added lot of zing and zest to otherwise boring and mundane corporate meetings!
What say???

Adesh Sidhu

Nalin Vashistha said...

E business is 'thE business'.

-- I love this statement.

Shanky said...

Content and Its Presentation have always been distinct yet blended. The issue lies in knowing which one needs to be prioritized and when.

We all need to learn more about the focus of control.