Sunday, September 02, 2007

Citizen 'Soul mates' across borders

I have been to Karachi 2 times this year. My good friend Bashir Dawood, founder of Dawlance invited Milagrow to help them achieve Operational Excellence and Global Vision.

Not even once in these 2 trips did I or our team feel that we are out of India. We felt so welcome. We understood each word, expression and gesture intuitively.

We could see the pre-partition and post partition brands everywhere eg. Taj Travels, Hrithik Roshan endorsing a telecom company, Delhi Bakery, Embassy restaurant, Indian Films on Cable TV, Radio etc etc..

There is so much our countries can do together. There so much to share, so much to learn and so much to accomplish together.

The laws overtly don't say much about discouraging or encouraging business but I hope that the Governments will keep progressing on the path of opening up commerce. In fact we as nations must cooperate on taking joint initiatives of doing business with the world. For all their vested interests no other nation has the power to understanding and helping India and Pakistan (even Bangladesh and Srilanka) as we have of each other.

Bashir Bhai, Shakeel Bhai and Team have opened my eyes to this tremendous source of good will and an even greater potential of business. Thank you Bashir Bhai, I hope Milagrow is able to play its role in helping your dreams. We will try our best.

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Anonymous said...

Thank You Mr. Rajeev for such remarks about Karachi and Mr. Bashir Dawood.

Waqas Dawood