Sunday, September 02, 2007

Future Predictors are like ATMs

Today me and Shobha met Sunita Menon, Tarot Reader par Excellence at the invitation of ICICI bank. She came across as a very confident and charming lady. Her predictions were very close to what we think will be the most likely future outcomes to our questions, anxieties and efforts.

Both of us were impressed by her. This is the first time we went to see someone who could tell your fortune. My Co-Brother, Arvind's mother is also an astrologist and takes keen interest in me. Whatever she has told me has come true so far. I now have the courage to say that I believe in the science but it does not mean that I have stopped believing in the fact that you can change the 'Lines of your hand' by your own efforts.

I have always been interested in reading about palmistry, astrology, sun signs, tarot etc to know these sciences better. In 1987, I went to Moscow. I photocopied my hand with a very small luck line. I decided that it has to change. I did not consult anyone and set about changing this line. The lines of my hand are now different from the 1987 ones. The harder I worked the better fortune I had. To the world it was luck to me it was 'the law of incremental returns' (ref previous post).

Long ago, when I was a small child, I saw my father getting up in the morning, caressing his face with both his hands and then seeing the palms of his hands. He did it every day. One day I asked him and he said that ' Before I see someones face I see my own hands because its with these hands that I make my future and not by believing in any good or bad omen'. The thought has stayed with me.

My Father had a huge family and had to join the Indian Air Force immediately after matriculation. He could accomplish his dream of being an officer almost at the end of his career. My mother lost her parents very early on and was brought up by her brothers and grand mother. My parents provided me the education beyond what they could afford. I sometimes wonder whether I am doing what my father always wanted to do? Am I am getting the rewards of their belief in 'Karma' too apart from own efforts?

I think fortune and future predictors are like automatic teller machines. They can give you as much as they have in their guts. The machine won't tell how much it has and you don't know how much you have, in you. Just keep striving and you will see that the 'supply of fortune or luck' never ceases but only increases.

Thanks Dad, Mom. Auntie and Sunita for setting me on this thinking path. I will try to spread the message.

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