Sunday, September 02, 2007

From a Father to a Friend

We came back today after leaving my Elder Son Saksham at Upenn, Philadelphia. He is 17.

I had read somewhere that when your child goes out of your home its like letting your heart go out of your body and waiting for it to return. I think its true but every parent has to go through this journey. I too have to and Shobha too. Next year will be the younger one's turn and we will have an empty nest ! Our parents also had an empty nest at some point and so have many of our friends.

For the past month almost, I have been resisting to have a personal talk to or write a note to Saksham, instructing him about the do's and dont's in the US. Sometimes, I verbally mentioned a few points and sometimes I saved in draft, but managed to resist the temptation of being too instructive.

The time has come to 'let go'. The time has come to be a friend and not just be a father. The time has come to be a supporter from far and yet be there when 'our friend' needs us.

Three cheers to life, it teaches you so much every single day.

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Anonymous said...

Very true. It is a phase we must all face at some point in life. Well played!