Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Trust your intuition, Trust hunger for glory

On such a huge topic, I am using the example of my last post where I praised the Indian Cricket teams' win at T20. Some wrote back that I should not be so optimistic and some said that winning is not everything. I wrote back that I see a lot of maturity in this youth. I see a lot of hunger for glory. I see that these guys don't have a lot to unlearn. I said that I have seen many people in my career, the potent combination of above has always churned out winners.

To those who said winning is not everything, I said that winning is not everything but winning more often than losing is. Enjoying your every win is as important. We forget to do that many a times. Yes its a game after all but do you want to read about your losses on the sports page always? I remember when I came back from Spain and my elder Son was 6 ans my younger one 5. Saksham started to read news paper quite early for his age and one day he asked me Papa, why does India lose all the time , in every game? I said Beta sometimes it happens that you lose but we are trying to win. I gave him the examples of our famous wins and famous sports persons but they were far and few between. The wins by youngsters these days will change the nation for ever. A new India is emerging.

I wrote the following mail to our colleagues today ...

"Dear All

I do not know whether I am doing right but today is India-Pak Twenty20 final at 1730 hrs. People who are interested can leave office early - say at 1615-1630 hrs to reach home on time.

We will work harder for our own wins on other days.


Rajeev Karwal"

Almost everyone accepted the offer. Almost everyone sent back congratulatory messages. I trusted my intuition today. Intuiting is nothing but internalizing a lot of 'life's research'. We must believe in it more often. Thank you life.


Zoobie Singh said...

Hi Rajeev,

You are very true when you say that enjoying every win is very important. The celebrations for small victories go a long way in making us winners. I have seen this work in my organization. And for the youth of today, I guess, winning has become everything. For those who say winning is not everything, I can say if winning is not everything, then are you learning from your loss?


Gautam Ghosh said...

thanks for the comment Rajeev :-)

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warm regards

Ajay said...

Am here after months . . . or is it a year. Your optimism is contagious. I am no avid cricket fan. My parents are though. And I sit in front of the television and work on the laptop only to look up when the commercials are screened.
But I must admit that these young guys made me watch the game. They have better risk appetite and a 'do or die' attitude.
However, their tendency to dwell too much on their success frightens me. After all 'overconfidence' always hampers the performance!

Anil P said...

Attempting to read white letters on black really hurts my eyes!

Chandrakala said...

You Are Truly Inspiring !

Atul said...

India winning 20/20 etc is great but don't you think Cricket is a drag on our economy. We would rather let cricket be played by our fathers and uncles. Cricket and Golf are two very graceful, classy games but not made for a resurgent young india. they would rather play tennis,hockey and other human games. By Human Games I mean games which require some use of wrist and a tool (cricket qualifies, hockey does, tennis does but boxing or american football doesn't)