Saturday, September 15, 2007

India - World Best

Today, India beat Pakistan in the 20-20 cricket match after the regular match ended in a tie. The tie gets broken by the bowlers in such a match by bowling to break the wickets. All the Indian bowlers hit the wickets (Targets). Before that Sreesanth bowled a great last over. With 2 balls to go and 1 to get its was as good as a given up match but Sreesanth held his nerve and did not give away the run. In fact on the last ball the team got a run out.

Yes its a turning point in the Indian History. The images of Uthappa, Irfan batting with courage and on the front foot. Harbhajan, Irfan, Sreesanth, RP Singh bowling with accuracy. Dhoni batting with maturity and analysing the match after 5 minutes with complete honesty and objectivity signifies the new India. No tension, no anxiety, taking the game as a game yet competing to win.

These images will remain in the Indian memory for a long long time. Just like the 1983 world cup Cricket Win and Kapil, Mohinder and Madanlal running. Ravi Shastri being the Champion of Champions a few months later. The Chest thumps of Paes and Mahesh in Tennis during the 90s. Ganguly taking out his T Shirt at Lords after beating England a few years ago. The great forehands of Sania in Tennis, these last few years. The Indian Hockey team beating South Korea last week. Lagaan, Swades, Rang De Basanti, Chak De were conveying the change bubbling under the surface. Barkha Dutt at Kargil, Rajdeep's interview of the outgoing President. President Kalam himself meeting 1lac children in 2005. Tata buying Corus even while hestayed up all night. Narayan Murthy standing against reservation at IIMs. Anu Agha speaking against Gujrat Riots. Tarun Tejpal standing against the might of the Govt. My own Son Saksham giving an interview to Fortune International in Aug 2005 and saying 'We can beat anyone in the world, anywhere'. These are some images which come randomly to me.

Yes, a change has been brewing for quite some time. I am sure that no one can take away this century from us. The youth of India will make it there own.

My gratitude to the the Seniors and Juniors alike. I learnt a lot from the Seniors - Rahul, Sachin and Sourav making way for the Youngsters and the Youngsters paying back with a win on the day Rahul also stepped down from Captaincy of the Indian Cricket Team. The Baton passes to new hands some day. If it is passed on at the right time and while running a few paces together the team will never get beaten.

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Anou V said...

Encouraging piece of literature!It catches the pulse of new India.