Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Read when a Tear is Near

I have always been a very driven professional. The work of the company always came first. In the Mid 80's when I had people reporting to me for the first time I got good results through my people. Under me never ever cried.

As I progressed and a track record was established I wanted to raise the benchmark after benchmark. I kept driving myself and my team harder but I always took good care of the team ....with them I enjoyed the weekends, monthly closings and after hours etc...Fpr about a decade I never noticed that some may have had more needs/issues than I was addressing as a boss. I never noticed somebody crying (I mean distressed).

A few days ago, a young team member came to me on some issue and I could 'read' an unshed 'tear'... I never let it fall.

I do not know why...I remembered the few occasions in the past when I could not prevent the tears from being shed in my room. I wonder whether I could have been a bit more 'compassionate' or 'considerate'.

I thank those colleagues of mine who shed those tears for me and my organizations, which I failed to notice. They made huge contributions and sacrifices.

Today I express gratitude to this young 'expressive' colleague who taught me how to 'read a 'tear' without shedding one.


Anonymous said...

And how abt your exp when you was with Electrolux? have you ever felt the same during your stint with Electrolux>

Garima said...

Hi Rajeev,

this blog entry reinforced my tremendous conviction in your perception. You have an uncanny ability to evaluate and put in persepctive other peoples life and work. Definitely one of the best people and professionals I have come across. Learning and empathy is never short with Rajeev around!

madhan said...

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