Thursday, July 31, 2008

We are all 'Alike'

Three Huntsman program students from Wharton joined us for Internships last month. Two have joined recently. All are international students and none of them of Indian origin.

I have watched all of them closely - in professional and personal situations. I have worked closely with other youngsters in our team from IITs, IIMs, Symbiosis, IMT, DCE, ICFAI, BIMTECH etc. The more I observed them the more all of them seem alike in their attitude to professionalism. All are pretty hardworking and don’t want to rest on the fact that they have come from good academic institutions. All of them respect ethics in much the same way. They are willing to experiment and stick their neck out for their dreams.

Last night I got a mail from the mother of a ‘Wharton’ intern. She had been talking to her son on every detail of his stay in India. She wanted us to drive him hard on learning and also celebrate his birthday. In her mail I could see the care, love and blessings and dream for her ‘grown up’ child much in the same way as an Indian mother would. It made me happy

I Thank God for making us all alike!

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Anonymous said...

It's a misconception to equate the Americans to MTV....they drive the world they must have something in them....Indians have to come out of this huge misconception that their family values, their xyz, the list is pretty long...etc etc. is better...