Thursday, January 01, 2009

Nine will be Fine

I write a poem every new year and this year too could not have passed without me writing one. Here it goes...

2008 started with easy double digit growths in sight,
Even in 2009, the diligent will get there without much fight.

With the financial meltdown many felt hopelessly letdown,
Creed of greed is incorrigible they say,
Pretty old lessons learnt the hard way.

Friends murdered, Extremists massacred,
Parents killed children and children took revenge,
Politicians shot innocent just for a birthday present,
The common man wonders as to how shall he avenge?

Into the murky waters the Army was dragged, even as some of its officers fragged,
Statesmanship and diplomacy seemed buried, thankfully only to temporary rest,
For today's young minds is exposure better or protection is best?

Landing on the moon did India proud & the nation passed a few other tests,
Not all was lost as the 'strong' inspired us to peaceful conquests,
Wins from boxing, shooting, wrestling, chess, badminton and the cricket blade
reminded us that we had some remarkable achievements even in 2008.

'Satya' laws of nature no one defy,
Ethics and faith must be trusted, they keep you grounded yet make you pierce the sky.

A stitch in time will save nine,
Think ahead, take charge, do justice to what is 'mine'

For the 'righteous' 2009 is gonna be fine.

Rajeev Karwal, 1st Jan, 2009

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Abha Datta said...

We do need such optimism in the current scenario. After the Mumbai attacks and the Satyam saga lets hope and pray things look up in 2009.