Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Future Beckons

I write a poem at the beginning of every new year. The one for 2008 was an ode to the entrepreneurial spirit.

The Future Beckons

Don't forever think!

It's time to do what you didn't?
Make new beginnings, may be start a new Venture?
Go ahead embark on a new Adventure

Don't blink,
If you want your dreams not to sink!

Before you realize it will be end 2008 man
Many have ideas, but money chases a good plan

Inspire! Lead from the front & demonstrate courage
'People follow leaders', goes the old adage

Right values, ethics and focus are three pillars of a sustainable brand
They help build success that is sustainable and grand

Venture my friend, this new year,
Embark on a new adventure

Don't blink, don't forever think.
Rajeev Karwal
Jan 1st, 2008

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KParthasarathi said...

A nice message conveyed.We have met in Padma Towers
Best wishes for a great 2009 and beyond.

TCGirivasan@Vasan, Puducherry said...

Hi Pacha

Nice to see your comments here too. I am an ardent follower of Mr.Rajeev Karwal and regularly read his blogs. I have briefly worked under him in Electrolux and have heard from so many people in LG. I would like to share one experience here.

I moved to Gurgaon from Chennai. Mr.RK had moved to Electrolux from Philips as CEO and was instrumental in my movement to Gurgaon from Chennai which was a business imperative. We were staying in the same guest house, a guest house good enough for people in middle level management like me. (I heard Mr.RK refused to stay in hotel and opted for this guest house).

I was staying with another colleague, Mr.Srinivasa Rao, a Customer Service Manager who also moved from Chennai and both of us were forced bachelors. Both of us work till late evening and when we leave Mr.RK would still be working with full zeal and enthusiasm. We had met Mr.Rajeev Karwal just once while getting out of the escalator wben we were going for dinner and Mr.RK returned home from office.

One day at around 9 PM, both of us started home, came down by lift and went to the ground which had a long corridor that lead to the stairs to the portico. While we were walking on the corridor, we saw a Black Lancer just moving. After moving a few yards, it halted. We never knew Mr.RK was inside and he wanted to give us a lift. Not knowing he is waiting for us, we walked to the car parking and barged into the car of an unknown person who agreed to drop us enroute. He was working in one of the offices in the building. While he was driving we got into a conversation which was more about the summer. He asked us where we wanted to get dropped and we told the place. In 20 minutes time we reached the guest house and we asked our friend to drop us. He was surprised and asked "You are staying in this guest where Mr.Rajeev Karwal is staying?" knowing not much about the guest house. While we were trying to make him believe, the black Lancer Car entered the guest house with Mr.RK in that.

Mr.RK is a big person and he might not remember this but we are too small and we just cant forget it.

Dear Mr.Karwal - I dont know whether you are reading the blogs of KParthasarathi or not? If not, I request you to start now. Amazing writer.

TC Girivasan