Sunday, January 11, 2009

Progress at what Cost

Today we saw 'The President is Coming'. I recommend everyone to see it. What a statement on the India of today. Everyone wanting to any cost, elbowing and trampling others ...moral or immoral... they don't care.

We had seen Slum Dog Millionaire last week. Again a strong representation of the open wounds of Indian society.

Ethical Leaders...role models are missing....

Many have requested me to write on a way my new year poem refers to it in brief, but will write soon.


sara p said...

Well written. We had only few role models or ethical leaders and its evident from the history. Most of us lead a selfish life and we like Gandhi and Nehru at our neighbours house and not in ours.

suman said...

hi dear,

i dont get what you wanted to say in your post...
about ethical leaders or the wounds of india??????

Thanks & Regards