Thursday, September 17, 2009

Calling people with moral authority to join the effort in building a corruption free India..

Will soon start an association for a corruption free India. A forum for like minded organizations to come together and present a united front. Pls write in with your interest.


nd said...

That's a noble effort. However I feel corruption is a very broad term . First one needs to define it. Is it bribing somebody to gain access to something in preference to others, in quicker time? Is it bribing to avoid some bigger loss? Why is bribing necessary? Is it because of lack of alternatives, is it because of centralisation of power or is it because of lack of transparency? at which levels? Only when we have answers to these can there be a meaningful start on what, where and how, in my humble opinion. Else there are already political parties by ppl like Shiv khera and Jayaprakash Narayan with similar agenda.

abhishek said...

Hi Rajeev

Like your view.... but do these people dont know themselves that we are corrupted. I feel that issues to be raised by the people and then it should be publisized in media..... more the awarerness better will be their mindset..
And I feel people forget the past of the corruption issue which is to be raised in the minds of people with the time again and agian

Anonymous said...

will follow your blog to keep up with association .....

Pijush Kanti Mukherjee said...

I am game for it.

Woh khate hai kyunki hum khilate hai!!

TCGirivasan@Vasan, Puducherry said...

In Indian, more you have the authority more is your right to be corrupt.

We need people and organizations with moral authority to make India corrupt free.

Sir, you have a follower in me.

Best of Luck

Jagdish Pandey said...

Hi Rajeev,
First of all I like this idea and want to sign in for this drive.
This question, I have been asking to myself and feel disappointed when we see even our family member talks about paying bribe to get work done faster. Because of our unsatisfied desire we want to use all kind of short cut to achieve the goal, while our sole does not like but we ignore the voice of sole and accept this system to fulfil our greed or desire.
I would suggest it may work if we all can meet personally, create long term and short term strategy to achieve the goal by distributing the responsibility and safe our society before it busts.