Monday, September 07, 2009

Mohandas - The Indian who lives within us all !

Yesterday, I saw this movie called Mohandas. Its the story of a brilliant and honest village student who gets a job with great difficulty only to find that his identity is stolen by someone else, with the collusion between various vested interests. He struggles alone, finds a few partners in his fight but loses in the end.

Its a sad commentary on the Indian society where greed seems to be consuming most of the morals and ethics in our society.

Before the movie Shobha and me went to a coffee shop. The space was crowded and the moment we saw a man get up, we went towards that table only to find that he had blocked the seat by placing his bag, and has gone to buy something from this self-service outlet. We waited for another place to become vacant and took it. In the meanwhile we saw two young people come to the same vacant table left by the other man, pick up the bag, place it down and take the sofas. They were hardly bothered about courtesies. The other man came back and with a sense of hurt, waited for another in hand.

Every day when I go onto the road, I watch with anguish and anger the way various people behave. They are hardly bothered about rules, queues or 'right of way'. They will scream, shout and abuse. The traffic police either behaves helpless or only interferes when they have to stop a two wheeler driver to snatch a few rupees from them, for violation.

The Gurgaon-Delhi toll gate is another symbol of our country's greed, corruption, inefficiency and lethargy. The expressway itself symbolizes the vision banktrupcy of the planners - both private and public sector.

In this situation whats is one supposed to do? I can only request the youth of this country to fight for what is right but 'fight right'. By becoming corrupt ourselves we will do a great injustice to our future generations. We must reflect the India what we want it to be!


Pijush Kanti Mukherjee said...

Well said...

Etiquettes and niceities are a "passe" these days..

The youth today is a hurry.

Anonymous said...

what all can the youth fight when own survival isn't guaranteed? With parents making both ends meet with limited incomes and opportunities, when materialism is all around, when impressions count more than substance, when shortcuts and quick results is what everyone wants and rewards, when money, nepotism give way to all semblance of merit in all walks of life, what all can the youth fight when he is already fighting for a bare minimum dignity of life?