Friday, September 07, 2007

My Teachers, My lessons, My Gratitude - 2007

My blog is to pay gratitude to my teachers. How can I let the Teachers Day pass without me expressing thanks.

In the last 12 months, I have travelled quite a bit in life. The people who met me in the recent past and left a deep impact on me are listed below (In alphabetical order). They taught me some good lessons of life. Its my words not theirs but probably they describe them as well as the learning I had from them.

  1. Ashok Sawhney, my Uncle - If Relations and Business are difficult to pull along together, Relations must survive.

  2. Bashir Dawood, Chairman Dawlance group - Business and Friendship can go together.

  3. Dr Abdul Kalam, my most loved public leader - Make a difference to your country by self empowerment. Good guys don't finish last.

  4. Dr Manmohan Singh, Our Prime Minister - How to keep eye on the larger good, even if you have to take unfair criticism sometimes. Good guys don't finish last.

  5. Jagdish Sheth, my Mentor - Power of Knowledge brings Humility. If you have willingness to share this power you age slower !

  6. KR Kim, my LG Boss - Never forget the people who contributed to your success.

  7. Manoj Modi, my last Boss - Unflinching Loyalty to your Leader and Company.

  8. Milagrow, my Firm - Faith is Magic.

  9. Mukesh Ambani, my last Super Boss - Think Big, Plan Micro.

  10. My Dad - Be there always for your family, smilingly.

  11. My Friends - Corporate positions are not a pre-condition for friendship.

  12. My Father and Mother in Law - Face any adversity with grace and unflinching trust in God.

  13. My Mom - Be silently caring and healing.

  14. My Sister - Its never too late to reclaim and restart your life.

  15. My SME Clients - Money matters, it can always walk an extra mile if you push it harder.

  16. Narayan Murthy, our sponsor of Integrity India Campaign - Moral courage in the face of adversity automatically comes with integrity.

  17. Prof. Anil Gupta, my Conscience Keeper - Believe in a cause, give your life for it, vision will follow and the world will support.

  18. Ramachandra Galla, Chairman Amara Raja group - Industrialization of heartland does not mean exploitation of people and environment.

  19. Saksham, my Elder Son - The World stage is Ours.

  20. Samarth, my Younger Son - I can, I will.

  21. Shobha my Wife - Inner strength and resilience makes you overcome any challenge.

  22. Sonu Mirchandani, my First Boss - How to bring up your next generation with Maturity and Patience.

  23. Surinder Kapur, Chairman Sona group - Objectivity and measurement is most important in business even if you have to donate it for good cause later.

A big thank you to all my teachers. I am sure these learning's ( some new, some reinforcements) are going to shape my life a lot.


anaggh said...

A post at a critical juncture of one's age when though you remember your teacher's everyday, to structure those thoughts & pen them down is the greatest achievement that teachers look for in students. Wish you the very best!

Prabal Aggarwal said...

An inspiring and touching post.

Santosh Ranjan said...

This is the reason I admire you. This is an excellent way of extending your thanks to those who really added value in your career. You truly deserve to be where you today. I always wish best of luck for your all new endeavors. Personally I would like to learn some of your business acumen from very close.