Monday, September 10, 2007

True champions

The Indian Hockey Team one the Asian Championship in Hockey with a record 57 goals for and only 4 goals against. They beat Korea by 7-2 in the final The Man of the tournament Prabhajot Singh said humbly after the win.

"Hamari team bade team spirit se kheli. Bhgawan kare ise nazar na lagey. Aur maine 15 goal score kiye jo meri jersy ka number hai. (We played with team spirit. I pray t God that no body should be able to bring ill will to this team. I scored 15 goals, same as my jersey number)"

This to me signifies 2 things.
  1. After a longtime we Indians are realizing the power of teamwork. Even other sports and corporate India is now full of succesful teams.
  2. We are still not believing fully in our abilities and continue to worry and sometimes choke under high pressure.

The leaders of today, the role models of today have to work on the younger generation to believe in the power of their abilities and dreams. If India is to be a true champion and a consistent world leader then we must raise the next generation to have tremendous self belief and guts.

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ak said...

Just wanted to add that if we watch reality shows on television, the people from smaller towns are standing out.

It is not that there has been a sudden spurt of talent there. It is the opportunities available today that people are latching onto.

The composition of the Indian cricket and hockey teams also show the same trend