Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Gold is never Old and neither is Platinum

This is the story of an 78 year old man. I am so impressed with him that I would go to any extent for him in business or in personal life.
At this age he maintains a schedule which puts a 20 year old to shame, he has the punctuality of a nuclear clock, child-like enthusiasm for business, alertness of a hawk, diligence of a lawyer, renewal capabilities of a phoenix and a ‘never say die’ attitude against all odds.
I am talking about Mr B D Agarwal who was amongst the founding members of the house of Jindals and who even today is addressed by Navin Jindal as ‘Bauji’.
Mr B D Agarwal has single handedly built the ‘second largest’ light source company in a fast expanding market like India with little help from anyone. He has seen opportunities when none saw and way back in 1995 he set up India’s first CFL JV with Osram. Due to early entry Osram ran out of patience but he moved on and this year he is setting up India’s largest CFL plant without any collaboration from anyone and has plans to compete with the very best in the world. Surya is already No. 2 in GLS lamps (common bulbs) and florescent tube lights and exports to over 50 countries in the world.
At this age, in the last month or two alone I have personally learnt so much from him. Not to say that at this age you don’t get cynical on some issues but for this man these small negatives far outweigh the positives. I salute his spirit. He has inspired not only me but most of my very young colleagues. Thank you Bauji , we wish you good health always.


ayon said...

Dear Sir,
We meet again !Gr8 to read your blog.
Will u allow me to pen my thoughts on ur blog,where I may share the awesome amount of inspiration you breathe into my life whenever I see you,hear u,read about you ?
Hope u r doing well.Would love to meet up with you one of these days.

Deepak Miglani said...

But sir Old is always Gold.